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My Macho Husband Is Going Femme!

October 28, 2009

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

Recently I came home from work a bit early, to find my husband dressed in some disturbing clothing.  Was he wearing my lingerie? Dr. L, I wish that was the case.

He was actually dressed as this over the top, screechy karaoke singer, and he was in front of the mirror with a hairbrush, trying to sing just like him!  Dr. Lulzington, my cat was screaming in terror, and my dog was trying to dig his way out through the hard wood floor!

Needless to say, I am horrified at this behavior.  He says he’s been doing it since late May, but that it “doesn’t mean anything”, and he’s still the burly, manly, macho man I love, but…..

Honestly, Doctor, is he?

Is my man still a “Man’s man” or is he trying to tell me something?



Dear Lamberted,

Dr. Lulzington assumes you are referring to Adam Lambert? My, my, the problems that man causes Dr. Lulzington’s readers are certain to keep this site going for a long time, indeed!

Dr. L thinks he knows what’s going on, though. He probably came across an American Idol board and saw posts by middle-aged women who were drooling over Adam. He misinterpreted this by thinking that this is what ALL women wanted, and is now trying to stay attractive to you.

Or…he’s just into what they call ‘frauen’ in the darker corners of the Idol blogosphere, which Dr. L. is a big fan of. Maybe you just need to hit the Hostess cakes some more and stop exercising.

Or…Dr. L could be wrong on both counts, and is in love with Adam’s current squeeze, Drake LaBry. Then you’re screwed…but you can always visit Dr. L if you need to be screwed in a better way! He promises he won’t start singing “Time For Miracles”.

. I have a pickup truck,. so I can deliver to you if needed.
  1. NikkiM1976 permalink

    Hit the hostess cakes, little debbies, girl scout cookies, krispy kremes, all you can eat buffets…
    And don’t forget to bedazzle everything you own with glitter and feathers, and puffy paint.

  2. TopIdol permalink

    He keeps the photos of the naked young men in the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, doesn’t he?

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