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Happy Halloween From Dr. Lulzington!

October 31, 2009

In honor of Halloween, Dr. Lulzington would like to answer a question that is appropriate for the occasion.

Happy Halloween, everyone, and stay safe.

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

I’m a 25-year-old man with an unusual quirk. When I make love to a woman, I need her to be wearing some sort of scary mask, like a scary Halloween face. The mask from the movie Scream, maybe that dude from The Hills Have Eyes, a Richard Nixon mask, anything. Where can I find a woman willing to indulge me in this?

—Monster Fetishist

Dear Monster Fetishist,

You came to the right place, as Dr. Lulzington knows where to find all the VERY open-minded sexual people. You should try Craigslist, for one thing. Craigslist, as I’ve said before, is the sewer system of the online dating world. Post your fetish there! You’re sure to find someone desperate enough to dress up as Nixon for you.

Tell me more about yourself, Monster Fetish. Are you good-looking? Have the dick of death? Maybe enough so that you could just ask anyone to do this for you? If so, please send pictures of youself (nude) to Dr. Lulzington and he will masturbate to them find someone to tickle your cummy funny bone.

You just gave Dr. Lulzington an idea…he’s going to go have a mask made of his own face. Good luck out there,, and Happy Halloween!


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One Comment
  1. Darklighter permalink

    LOL cool!
    So where can I get that Dr. Lulzington mask for my bf? =D

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