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Screw My Boss – Literally!

November 18, 2009

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

My boss is just about the hottest thing on two legs and we love to do it all the live long day. I have no shame about this and I want the whole world to know!

My problem is that my co-workers are jealous of my situation. They sneer at me as I walk through the office, and they call me a slut and a whore. How do I get my co-workers to stop being jealous that I’m screwing the boss? I bet they’re just jealous that they’re not getting good it like I am. Am I right?

—Screwing The Boss In Boston

Dear Screwing The Boss,

Yes, you ARE right! Dr. Lulzington believes that you answered your own question quite well. Does Dr. L have some competition in the real-life advice world? 😉

As for your co-workers, so what if they call you a slut and a whore? Dr. Lulzington LOVES sluts and whores! Walk by them on your slutty legs and hold your head up high. Proudly flip your whore hair around and show them that YOU are the king or queen of the roost. It’s not like you can ever get fired now. Flaunt it like you mean it.

Dr. Lulzington salutes you.


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  1. Sex in the workplace only hurts business when it involves one or two idiots! Great advice, Doc!

  2. NikkiM1976 permalink

    Fuck those jellis h8terz!

    You’re screwing the boss, get them fired!

  3. anonymous permalink

    You are not the First chick to ever do this.. If you are HOT I would FUCK you too..
    You are a WHORE, only if you are getting PAID for SEX…
    You are a SLUT if you sleep with a bunch of guys for FREE..

    Is spreading your legs at least getting you somewhere?Have you gotten a promotion?? good salary?
    i dont condone this behavior….but if it s the only way you can or know how to suceed , then GOOD LUCK

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