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Dr. Lulzington’s Hate Mail Extravaganza!

November 21, 2009

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

I have been reading your site for a month now, and I am so disgusted I’m going to puke. You are the most misogynistic piece of shit that I have ever met! Where do you come off telling men to turn their women into whores? It’s almost 2010, asshole, and women can be anything they want in the free world. Men like you are why I want to become a lesbian.

Fuck you,

A REAL woman

—Dear “Real Woman”,

First of all, Dr. Lulzington firmly believes in M/F/T gender equality. For instance, if you, a woman, wanted to turn a man into a whore, that would be just as good. Don’t believe me? Check this out!

It works in any combination. If you’re going to be a lesbian, you can whore out your girlfriend. Like transgender? Go for it! Dr. Lulzington’s favorite pimp/ho combo is T/T anyway, so there.

Thanks for reading, and Dr. Lulzington hopes you finally get laid, bitch.


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  1. Why does this bitch have such a problem with whores?

  2. Snotty permalink

    Dr. Lulz got ho’s in different area codes.

  3. Marianne Murray permalink

    Hey! I called him a misogynist first! You worthless poser wannabe whore. No one gets to call Dr. Lulzington a whore woman hater but me. Hope you puke your brains out. Oops looks like you already did.

    Fuck YOU.


    A REALER Woman

  4. Anonymous permalink

    Oh the lolz. I heart all the jellis h8rz. “Real Woman” is just pissed off that she didn’t think to have a kick ass advice column first.

    She’ll never get laid by conventional methods. So I hope she stocks up on roofies and paper bags for when they wake up.

    • Okay, “A Real Woman” can you freaking cool it. It’s not like he’s forcing you to take the advice.

      from: A Ranting Woman

  5. Miss Oginista permalink

    A Real Woman would know to keep her mouth shut and stay in the Kitchen.

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