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Update: My Sister Is A Skank!

November 22, 2009

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

I wrote to you last month regarding my sister’s extreme promiscuity. While the advice you gave me was bizarre at best, it made me think. Then, I saw Smartie’s comment:

What she needs is a webcam and a dildo, she could turn this new her into a flourishing business. Then the whiny sister can become her manager and make a fortune! ;)

I went out and did that, and what easy money! It’s only been a few weeks, but her online sex tape is a huge success. If this keeps up, we’re going to quit our day jobs! Thanks, Dr. Lulzington, and special thanks to Smartie, whoever you are.


No Longer Worried

—Dear No Longer Worried,

It’s moments like this that make Dr. Lulzington want to cry tears of joy into his ether rag. Then he remembers that tears will only dilute the ether, so he stops. But he’s still glad that he and one of his readers could help out.

Smartie is appropriately named. That is for certain.


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