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How Did I Ever Become So Popular?

November 25, 2009

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

I am a 42-year-old man who has recently tapped into the social networking craze. It wasn’t long after I opened a Twitter account when all of these beautiful young women started following me and asking me to look at their nude pictures. I also signed up for a MySpace account, and it seems like every day the most beautiful women in existence want to add me to their friends list.

I love it, but I don’t get it. I’m just a normal guy, nothing spectacular at all. The girls play a little hard-to-get when I try to converse with them, but just knowing they care makes me feel like a young stud again! Has this happened to anyone you know?

—The King Of MySpace

—Dear King Of MySpace,

Uhhhhh…this is a bit awkward.

Doctor Lulzington hates to say it, but this has happened to EVERYONE he knows. A common term for these women is “Fake MySpace Whores”. This is because these profiles are being made by both women and men who look nothing like the women portrayed in the pics. They’re just trying to get visitors to their adult sites, or working out perversions that they have, or just playing with your mind.

Sorry, but you’re not as popular as you think you are. And MySpace? Really? MySpace is SO 2007!

However, Dr. Lulzington loves whores, even the fake ones, so he doesn’t judge. Any good ones on your list that you want to share? Dr. L is waiting!



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  1. What a loser! Everyone knows the hotties use Twitter anyway….thats where I got all my new followers!

  2. Dr. Lulzington loves bears (in a godly way, whatever that means).

  3. Anonymous permalink


    Happy Thanksgiving to the Doctor!

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