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What The Hell Is Up With Adam Lambert?

November 29, 2009

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

Why can’t I get Adam Lambert out of my head? It seems that every day there’s a new controversy surrounding him. I really don’t like celebrities who do fame-whorish stuff like kiss Perez Hilton’s arse, but he’s EVERYWHERE! And now, everyone is talking about “TRANNYPEEGATE”, which involves some tranny having a slash on Adam Lambert and his mother at some club in NYC. Why do I care that Adam is soaked with tranny pee? Why does anyone care? Do you care?

—Lamberted Out in Lincolnshire

—Dear Lamberted Out,

For starters, Dr. Lulzington ALWAYS cares! He finds Adam Lambert quite intriguing, mainly because he is soaked in tranny urine. Dr. Lulzington loves kinky trannies, don’t you? I would say the solution for you is to hop on a plane to New York and let that tranny pee on you as well. If your budget is tight, you could probably just go to London or even Sheffield to have the deed done. Kinky trannies are everywhere these days. If you have a good one, please let Dr. Lulzington know about it. He hasn’t been to the UK in quite a while, but for the right kinky tranny he would be on the next plane out. Good luck and happy tranny time!



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  1. Once again, Dr. Lulz sage wisdom educates us all! Though, I would caution that European Trannies, especially in London, don’t often have the best dental work…but their tea is a bit sweeter depending on how many lumps they take in their tea.

  2. TopIdol permalink

    I am so glad Dr. Lulzington ALWAYS cares.

    • SayNoToPaula permalink

      Adam LIVES to get peed on by a tranny. The advice seeker should chill out. It’s apples and oranges.

  3. doriangrey permalink

    Are we talking about fruit now?

  4. chikkijaxun permalink

    If it wasn’t for Adam Lambert and Trannypeegate, I wouldn’t know what to get my elderly dad for Christmas. Thank you Madam! Oh yeah, I made reservations for him at the Box. My dad better bring his gold card.

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