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What’s Wrong With The Way I Dress At Work?

December 21, 2009

I’m lost and confused. I started a new job and was my usual bubbly self. I thought I was making new friends until my boss pulled me aside and told me that I was dressing inappropriately for the office and to tone it down. Do you think it’s discrimination to say that? I thought I had a lovely frock and strappy sandals on. They accented my shape and style and weren’t provocative. What should I do?


—Dear Bob,

Dr. Lulzington is most intrigued by this. You know, the great band Ween once sang “There’s many colors in the homo rainbow”. This also applies to the tranny rainbow. There are the people who fully transition, then there are people who simply like to dress up in drag and give themselves outrageous names. Then, there are the guys named Bob who seem to go around looking like the guy in this video:

Scary, but this sounds like you.

What you need to do is amp it up a little. Instead of a nice frock and strappy sandals, why not try something hot, tight and slutty, like something Fergie or the Pussycat Dolls would wear? Or maybe something assless? Leather? Spandex? There’s a world of clothing out there for you. Either your co-workers and boss will love your new look, or they’ll be so put off by it that your frock and sandals will suddenly become welcome.

Good luck out there, and I know I sound like a broken record, but…send pics!


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  1. I got the same mistreatment at work myself for wearing a very conservative dress that went well below my knees. The purse I chose matched my sandals and earrings but my boss still told me to go home. I swear, she was just jellis of my body because what she was wearing was 10 times sluttier than anything I’ve ever worn!

  2. Smartie permalink

    12 inch stilettos are a lovely look for the office! 😀

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