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Dr. Lulzington Presents: Non-Advice Funnies #1 – Cursing Parrots Edition

December 28, 2009

Introducing a new part of the Dr. Lulzington empire. While he awaits more submissions (email, please enjoy some of Dr. L’s favorite animals.

1) Dr. Lulzington loves wankers and sluts, and so does Worzal the parrot:

Sparky the parrot reminds Dr. L of himself. Dr. L loves his mates with low-self esteem, and the way Sparky talks, he wants a parrot with the same qualities:

Are all cursing parrots on YouTube in the UK? It appears so.

Enjoy! And if you want Dr. L to dish out more advice, click these underlined words and send him a message.


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  1. this might explain some of our recent U.S. presidents

  2. girl from mars permalink

    This made my day. I wish dogs could swear.

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