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Dr. Lulzington Needs Help. Lots Of It.

April 3, 2010

Holy effing crap.

I am transfixed.

As most of you who can read know, Dr. Lulzington is an American Idol fan. Or more of an anti-fan. Dr. Lulzington likes to spend time at such Idol sites as Vote For The Worst and Top Idol. One of Dr. Lulzington’s fave features of these sites is the plethora of creepy fan art that is often posted on these sites.

Nothing, however, prepared Dr. L for this:


This is effing BEAUTIFUL!!! Yes, it’s Clay Aiken…but with a KITTY FACE! What kind of mind comes up with this? What causes someone to go, “hey, you know what this world needs? Clay Aiken with a kitty face, under the full moon!” Abuse? Neglect? Chemical imbalance?

Dr. Lulzington is stumped. He wants to ask for your help, readers. Please leave a comment below and tell him how someone gets to a point where they create such a work – as well as what is wrong with Dr. L for being so transfixed by it.

Dr. L thanks you in advance.


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  1. NikkiM1976 permalink

    1) Acid and magic mushrooms pureed together with Extasy, qualuuds, and peyote. (that is how one would get into the state of mind necessary for creating such a fine Object d’art)
    2) There is nothing wrong with you for being transfixed by the gorgeous Kitty Face Clay portrait, as I assume the above drug cocktail is your daily breakfast.

    My favorite part of the picture? The kitty ear just peeking out of the golden locks of Aiken hair.

    • Right again! I like to blend them in with a vanilla milkshake. It goes down much easier that way.

      My favorite part of the picture is the happy face. It looks like it’s talking. What a peculiar speaking voice it must have.

  2. chikkijaxun permalink

    I have no words because there is absolutely no logic present. What Nikki said.

  3. girl from mars permalink

    Why is that kitten out so late in that creepy forest? Clay really is careless with his kittenface.

  4. Why has this incredible piece of incredulous beauty been created? Because it is the closest Clay Aiken will ever get to a pussy.

  5. freedavidcook permalink

    I believe that happens when someone masturbates with a pipe that used to carry nuclear waste while they’re doing acid and watching Idol reruns with their kitty.

    • Dr. Lulzington never quite got that sort of inspiration while he was doing that!

      BTW, where can one get his or her free David Cook? Is this some sort of promotion you’re doing?

      • freedavidcook permalink

        You just have to lay in wait at your nearest Urban Outfits with a tire iron, ball gag and handcuffs. Hide behind the clearance rack till Dave comes along and you know what to do.

        • freedavidcook permalink

          D’oh!! Urban OutfitERS! Posting before coffee… yesterday I mixed up my IBS drugs and my Oxycodone before coffee. Accidentally stayed stoned a long time.

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