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F)(&!^ Magnets: How Do They Work?

April 20, 2010

Dear Dr. Lulzington,

OK, so I was on YouTube the other day, and I saw this video by the Insane Clown Posse.

It was about f—in’ miracles, dude. It brought up all these questions in my mind. Like f—in’ magnets. How do they work? I stay up at night f—in’ thinking about that s–t. And f—in’ rainbows after it rains? Don’t f—in’ give me that scientist s–t because it’s pissing me off! Shaggy’s little boys look just like Shaggy. Violent J’s little boy looks just like him. WTF is that about, huh? Dude, it’s f—in’ freaking my s–t out.

Magic everywhere in this bitch. A muthaf—in’ pelican tried to eat my cell phone. Rang a lang a lang!

Do you believe in f—in’ miracles?


—Dear Juggalo,

Dr. L does believe in muthaf—in’ miracles, trick. There’s magic EVERYWHERE in this bitch. The magic of drugs. Dr. Lulzington is guessing that you consume about two grams of crystal meth per day? Dr. L is going to suggest that you double your dose. Chase each line of crank down with two tabs of Ecstasy and lots and lots of weed.

Does that seem dangerous to you? Don’t fret. It’s OK. I’m a doctor. 😉

P.S. Dr. Lulzington does not f—in’ know how magnets work. But it freaks his s–t out every single day. Happy 4/20, bitches!


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  1. freedavidcook permalink

    Aaahh! 420! The day I merely have to hang out in the hallway outside my teenagers room and inhale deeply for a contact high. F—in A!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    F—in’ Magnets! Their mysterious ways scare me as much as that Siobhan Magnus bitch on American Idol does!

  3. Buckwheat328 permalink

    hahaha they did a parody of this on saturday night lve but the originals still funnier because it makes absolutely no sense

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