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Meet Dr. Lulzington’s Future Wife, The Queen Of Vagina

December 18, 2010

Dr. Lulz has finally fallen in love. Meet Majela ZeZe Diamond, Queen Of Vagina.

As you can see, Majela is a poet, a goddess, and the Queen Of Vagina. As she sings so demurely:

I am queen of vagina,
Queen of vaga-, vagina

Vagina, vagina,
Penis, penis, penis, penis
Promiscuous, promiscuous

Majela has a Christmas message for the world. The adult world.

I know she’s going to do Santa this Christmas, but Dr. Lulzington isn’t jealous. Majela is promiscuous, and Dr. L loves promiscuous people.

Come to the doctor, Majela. Santa can join in for a sexy threesome. The more the merrier.

Christmas genitalia for all!!!!


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  1. freedavidcook permalink

    So which 3rd world country does your lady love reside in? Will you need to spray her down for Ebola or just for the Christmas Clap? Does she know Danny Gokey?

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