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Name: Dr. Lawrence Olivier Leonard Lulzington, PhD

Age: Any age you want me to be. 😉

Bio: Dr. L.O.L. Lulzington was born behind a concessions booth at his local renaissance faire. At the age of seven, his cousins let their pit bull loose on “Leonard” as he was called, and the injuries from the attack resulted in a cruel family nickname: “Ol’ One-Ball Lenny”. He passed the time running from his parents, who would often become possessed and chase him around the neighborhood, brandishing knives and screaming in tongues.

Upon reaching adulthood, Dr. Lulzington discovered that he had two gifts: the gift of gab, and the gift of a fine man booty. He used the latter to put himself through college (Hamburger University) and graduate school (Joe’s Totally Bitchin’ School Of Psychology). He used that and his other gift (the gift of gab) to advise the masses with this column.

He is single and he likes to mingle. His hobbies are bisexuality, nitrous oxide, and chess.

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